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See why Bray Group Ltd takes care of the share records and handles the escrow services for over a thousand companies.

Bray Group Ltd is a full-service stock transfer agent with top class registrar and escrow services and is committed to the highest levels of service and client satisfaction. We offer services to public and private companies and institutions in many countries around the world.

Bray Group Ltd’s goal is to consistently deliver a flexible, top quality service that responds to client requirements in a fast and proactive manner.

We completely understand that our business is in the service industry and as such providing the best levels of service possible is our primary focus. Bray Group Ltd has the qualifications necessary to deliver each and every time.

Stock transfer and escrow service regulatory requirements are regularly updated and when they are, we keep up to date with those changes to ensure all transactions are handled in a compliant manner.

Our flexibility allows us to effectively handle the requirements of large organizations as well as those for smaller, developing companies at a competitive cost point.

Providing excellent communications is another of our strong points. Understanding that effective communication with you, your staff and stakeholders and responding quickly and accurately to enquiries are a key part of building a strong and lasting business relationship for all parties concerned.

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